How to be a better CIO (IV): Lead an orchestra

In December we usually have a general gathering with the entire company in Barcelona. We like to do a different activity each year: archery, kart racing, touring the old city competing to see who is first to find a series of historical keys (which is called a gymkhana here), things like that. And after that, go out to eat, of course. Continue reading

Preview of “How to be a better CIO (IV): lead an orchestra”

Where on Earth have I been? Well, here and there. End of year festivities came around, I went to Argentina, then I went to London, etc. But really I have no excuse. Therefore, I have something in store for you: on Monday I’ll tell you all about my experience leading a band. Wondering what this has to do with being a better CIO, a better CISO, a better manager or a better parent? I haven’t really thought about that yet, but I’ve got until Monday to think it through.

See you soon!

Forget about being a great CIO… be a superhuman!

Where have I been? The past few weeks, after landing from Buenos Aires were frantic… I was in Luxembourg, Amsterdam, Madrid, Mallorca, London, Barcelona (of course), an old castle from the 10th century in Cardona (Spain), and probably a couple more places I don’t remember, speaking to customers, prospects and analysts and also continuing my quest for personal growth. It was great as I had the opportunity to talk to many people from different countries, and it was so enriching.

One of these talks was with a long-distance, open seas swimmer who is about to get the “triple crown” of swimming. What this has to do with IT or being a better CIO (or CISO, or CEO, or, as I always say, whatever you want to be) is for you to discover soon, with my next post.

Hasta la vista!

Less ITIL and more Shakespeare: How to be a great CIO

Let’s suppose that you are anxious about the future.

Suppose you feel pressed by all the uncertainty in the global economy. Suppose that you´re concerned about your job: maybe not about losing it, but you want to make sure you are untouchable. Or better yet, let’s suppose you really do want to be promoted.

What´s the very first thing you think of? Continue reading


Steve Jobs

I am writing this on a plane, on my MacBook Air, which alleviates my back and delights my eyes, reading his Stanford speech on my iPhone. Yes, I am a fanboy. My youngest daughter, three years old, too: so easy, so natural for her to use an iPad, that magical tablet. How full Apple products are of simplicity and good taste.

I am not sad, because Steve lived, he found himself in this world, he did not live another person’s life. He loved. He created. He inspired us all, and he will be with us forever.

Rest in peace, Steve, and thank you. As Facundo used to say: he did not die, he went ahead. As usual.


How to Win Time and Budget for your ITIL Project

I promised a summary of my session at the Gartner conference. You will miss out on all the amusing anecdotes, striking videos, and stomach-threatening jokes of my speech, but a promise is a promise. On the plus side, here you´re safe from my addiction to throwing things at the audience (and I swear I do). Continue reading