Speaking at Gartner’s today


Surprisingly, Gartner  has still not banned me 🙂 This afternoon I will speak at the “Gartner The Future of IT Conference”  at the Hilton Buenos Aires, Argentina on how monitoring can be a transformational force that benefits IT, CIOs, CISOs and the whole company. Wish me luck.

CMDBs Considered Quite Painful for at least 95% of You

A quick post to point you to a very insightful article from Rob England, published a few days ago in the itSMF USA newsletter, entitled “CMDB is not a given: Why CMDB is a Bad Idea for 95% of Organizations”

I read it with a smile in my face. About time! CMDBs are being pushed more and more by the big vendors even though success stories are scarce and there have been hundreds of painful failures. Moreover, in the “successful” cases, Continue reading

Big-Name Analyst Finding: Monitoring Security Together with Operations is a Good Thing

Tango/04 1-2-3 Monitoring

Let me point you to an excellent recent report from a large IT research company, whose name starts with G (and ends with artner), entitled “Log Management for IT Security and IT Operations”. There they basically say that monitoring log events coming from both areas is a good thing. Continue reading