How to be a better CIO (IV): Lead an orchestra

In December we usually have a general gathering with the entire company in Barcelona. We like to do a different activity each year: archery, kart racing, touring the old city competing to see who is first to find a series of historical keys (which is called a gymkhana here), things like that. And after that, go out to eat, of course. Continue reading

Preview of “How to be a better CIO (IV): lead an orchestra”

Where on Earth have I been? Well, here and there. End of year festivities came around, I went to Argentina, then I went to London, etc. But really I have no excuse. Therefore, I have something in store for you: on Monday I’ll tell you all about my experience leading a band. Wondering what this has to do with being a better CIO, a better CISO, a better manager or a better parent? I haven’t really thought about that yet, but I’ve got until Monday to think it through.

See you soon!

Forget about being a great CIO… be a superhuman!

Where have I been? The past few weeks, after landing from Buenos Aires were frantic… I was in Luxembourg, Amsterdam, Madrid, Mallorca, London, Barcelona (of course), an old castle from the 10th century in Cardona (Spain), and probably a couple more places I don’t remember, speaking to customers, prospects and analysts and also continuing my quest for personal growth. It was great as I had the opportunity to talk to many people from different countries, and it was so enriching.

One of these talks was with a long-distance, open seas swimmer who is about to get the “triple crown” of swimming. What this has to do with IT or being a better CIO (or CISO, or CEO, or, as I always say, whatever you want to be) is for you to discover soon, with my next post.

Hasta la vista!

Less ITIL and more Shakespeare: How to be a great CIO

Let’s suppose that you are anxious about the future.

Suppose you feel pressed by all the uncertainty in the global economy. Suppose that you´re concerned about your job: maybe not about losing it, but you want to make sure you are untouchable. Or better yet, let’s suppose you really do want to be promoted.

What´s the very first thing you think of? Continue reading

How to be a great CISO?


While I am on my way to Italy for the Tango/04 Monitoring Symposium in Torino, a quick question: What does Dilbert’s creator have to say about how to be an irreplaceable CIO? Or CISO? Or Technical Manager? Or whatever position you have today? Well, a lot. Juicy advice from Scott Adams, soon. And free! (Which means, I am NOT paying Scott Adams for it). See you!