What the heck is a Real Time Service Model?

I know that you suspect that there is a better way… a shorter path to all that value ITIL promises… a way to make real sense out of these malign CMDBs and their never-ending deployments—a way to truly align Operations and Business. Well, Real Time Service Models are your savior. But what are they? The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the next post.

Forget about being a great CIO… be a superhuman!

Where have I been? The past few weeks, after landing from Buenos Aires were frantic… I was in Luxembourg, Amsterdam, Madrid, Mallorca, London, Barcelona (of course), an old castle from the 10th century in Cardona (Spain), and probably a couple more places I don’t remember, speaking to customers, prospects and analysts and also continuing my quest for personal growth. It was great as I had the opportunity to talk to many people from different countries, and it was so enriching.

One of these talks was with a long-distance, open seas swimmer who is about to get the “triple crown” of swimming. What this has to do with IT or being a better CIO (or CISO, or CEO, or, as I always say, whatever you want to be) is for you to discover soon, with my next post.

Hasta la vista!