A few more bits on Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Quick comments on the previous post:

First, I wrote it some weeks ago for The Rhetorical Journey, where it appeared as a guest post (thanks, Conor!). You should definitely follow Conor at @cuchullainn and subscribe to his blog.

Second, Diana Nyad attempted a third swim just a few days after I wrote the post, at the age of 62. She had to abandon after 36 hours and more than 92 miles after being stung several times by the most venomous marine animal know http://bit.ly/r1XYTX. Usually one sting is enough to kill any marathon attempt, but Diana is really something: she swam for 34 hours after the first sting. She desisted only because another sting would have probably killed her.

And last but not least, I played my first official league game with the Vallvidrera Senglars this past Sunday. The result? We won 4-0. Sweet.

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