Big-Name Analyst Finding: Monitoring Security Together with Operations is a Good Thing

Tango/04 1-2-3 Monitoring

Let me point you to an excellent recent report from a large IT research company, whose name starts with G (and ends with artner), entitled “Log Management for IT Security and IT Operations”. There they basically say that monitoring log events coming from both areas is a good thing.

Funny, we have been trying to convince the analysts for years about this. Maybe it is because of the global slowdown, as they point to the substantial savings when using that kind of unified solution. It is not just that, let me add: it is about teamwork, unified vision, unique source of truth, reduced bandwidth and CPU usage, and expanded business context information for both areas. If you try it at home just don’t spoil everything by putting a CMDB in the middle. (More on this soon.)

Now, I just need to convince them that they need to add Business to the picture. 1-2-3, remember? Technology, Security, Business. One integrated solution, the key to Total Visibility.  How long will it take me? Don’t hold your breath. But remember, you saw it here first.

Let me know what you think

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